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MIT IAP 2019 Computational Law Course

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Course Introduction Video

The 2019 MIT IAP Computational Law workshop course is a free, open, and digital-first class. The structure of the course involves a series of flipped-classroom lectures (sessions) that have been pre-recorded on youtube live, on-going commentary through our class telegram channel, and pidgeonhole widgets for providing synchronous and asynchronous feedback to lectures through comments, voting, and other real-time polling functions.

For information about the sessions, including the content and agenda for each day, click here

For a roster of the core team, speakers, and accepted participants, click here

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Course Overview

This course provides a conceptual overview and hands-on projects for understanding and solving legal use cases with data analytics, blockchain or other cryptosystems and a special module on rapid design solutions to key challenges posed by the Open Music Initiative. The course includes seminar-style lecture/discussion sessions and hands-on, experiential learning through team projects. The course covers:

The course includes tutorials and tools for prototyping with blockchain based smart contracts and computational modeling. The course also includes a special module on Open Music use cases and student projects.

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