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MIT Automated or Autonomous Legal Entity Challenge

This MIT Media Lab repository and GitHub Pages site is for the Human Dynamics research group open source project to describe and design an automated or autonomous valid legal entity.

This project aims to 1. define key design goals for automated or autonomous valid legal entities, 2. define objective measures for evaluating whether or the extent to which proposed designs and implementations achieve the design goals; 3. provide a simple process for open submission of proposed designs and implementations; and 4. provide a process assembling a panel of judges to apply defined objective measures for evaluating proposed designs and implementations.

The initial phase of this project will be to define:

The above design goals, implementation requirements and test criteria are being developed by MIT with early iteration on the project wiki.

In addition, informal chat related to this project, including occassional engagement by MIT participants, is happening in a Telegram channel moderated by MIT Media Lab alumni Brenden Maher. A link to request an invitation to join that Telegram channel will be made available.

Proposed Designs for Solving the Challenge

Draft Proposal Evaluation Criteria will publish judging criteria for evaluating how well proposals address:

Potential criteria for the award of additional points:

Potential approaches to judging proposals:

In additon to an MIT invited panel of expert judges selected to evaluate proposals, proposals may be evaluated based on:

This repository is a project of the MIT Human Dynamics Lab and MIT Computational Law Report research activities. Almost everybody else at MIT has way more authority and decision making power over this project than the project leaders and therefor this project is subject to change at any time, without notice in the sole and infinite discretion of MIT. May nobody important ever become aware we are doing this. Amen.