This extension allows you to program how Cozmo robot moves, speakes and discover what are all the things it can see or sense.

More about the Cozmo extension

  • This is extension is using the Anki SDK and a Python back-end connection to robot via a phone that has the Cozmo app installed.

  • After setting up the Anki SDK, you will need to save this file on your computer: Make sure that you do not save this file with the name Please save it as

  • Before using the Cozmo extension, connect Cozmo to your computer with your phone in SDK mode. Refer to the Anki setup for more information. Then, run the file above in a shell/terminal using the command "python3" (or "python3 [filename]").

  • If your shell/terminal looks something like the image below, then congrats! You have connected to Cozmo successfully.