Good Boy

Say something to your dog and our text classification extension will recognize it as either good, bad, or even backhanded!

Download the project and launch Cognimates!

Have you implemented a Good Boy activity? Have feedback to share? Questions about how to get started? Get in touch!

Here is a tutorial to get you started:

  • Step 1: Start by loading our starter project for Good Boy. You can download it here.

  • Step 2: Click on the green flag and see what happens when you say, "Good boy!" Or, how about when you say, "Bad boy!" How does the puppy react?

  • Step 3: What if we wanted to say other things besides "Good boy" or "Bad boy"? Using our Text extension, we can use a text classifier to recognize whether your message is good or bad. Start by loading the Text extension.

  • Step 4: Using one of the blocks from the Text extension we can recognize whether or not our speech is good or bad. Can you guess which one that might be?

  • Step 5: In order for our puppy to know when to start recognizing our speech, we need to first set the id of the classifier (recognizer) that we will use. Then, we can have our puppy tell us whether he recognizes your message as good or bad, by using a Say block from Looks.

  • Step 6: Instead of having the puppy reacting to what it hears, we can now have him react to what kind of message he recognizes. For that we can use the "When text is" block for when the message is good, or for when it is bad.

  • Step 7: Let's try one more thing. How about having our puppy also react to backhanded compliments? Luckily, our model can differentiate between good, bad, and backhanded comments.