Rock, Paper, Scissors

Train your computer to recognize photos of your and play rock, paper, scissors! Here is a game without training so you can compare! Below, you can download the game with training.

Download the project and launch Cognimates!

Have you implemented a Rock, Paper, Scissors activity? Have feedback to share? Questions about how to get started? Get in touch!

Here is a tutorial to get you started:

  • Step 1: Download the simple version of Rock Paper Scissors here

  • Step 2: This project uses the Vision extension, which is a model you can train to recognize images.

  • Step 3: Click the green flag and hold your hand up to the webcam to play rock, paper, scissors with your computer! Your computer will attempt to recognize what move you played and compare it to a move that the computer randomly chose.

  • Step 4: Sometimes our computer doesn't recognize what our move is.

  • Step 5: We can fix this problem by adding the new example that we just took with our webcam and adding it to the classifier and retrain our model! Let's start by adding broadcast blocks at the end of our scoring blocks in the "you" sprite.

  • Step 6: Next we need a "When I receive training" block in the "computer" sprite so that we can begin training at the end of every round.

  • Step 7: Let's use another events block that will trigger everytime we press the "t" key. Let's have the computer ask us what move we actually played.

  • Step 8: Using another block from the Vision extension, we can add our webcam photo to the category we just entered in our model.

  • Step 9: Now we can send our own example back to the model to retrain and hopefully improve it!

Rock, Paper, Scissors at a Glance