Make Me Happy

Learn how to make Nary react to your messages!

Download the project and launch Cognimates!

Have you implemented a Make Me Happy activity? Have feedback to share? Questions about how to get started? Get in touch!

Here is a tutorial to get you started:

  • Step 1: Load the simple version of Make Me Happy here. If it is loud where you are, the speech extension may not work properly. Try loading this version instead.

  • Step 2: Run the program by clicking on the green flag. How does the Nary respond? What do you need to tell him for him to be happy?

  • Step 3: That's not really fun is it? Let's see if we can make him happy (or sad) depending on the feeling of the message we type him. Start by loading the Feelings extension.

  • Step 4: Using one of the blocks from the Feelings extension, we can checking the feeling or mood of our message. Can you guess which one block we should use?

  • Step 5: Now insead of directly checking our answer word for word, we can see if our message is happy or not. Replace your answer variable with another block from feelings. Now you're done! Try it out yourself and see what other modifications you can make using some of our other extensions.