Smart lights

Program your smart lights to react to how you're feeling. Find instructions for connecting to Smart Lights at the Smart Lights extension page!

Download the project and launch Cognimates!

Have you implemented a Smart lights activity? Have feedback to share? Questions about how to get started? Get in touch!

Here is a tutorial to get you started:

  • Step 1: Start by loading our starter project for Smart lights. You can download it here.

  • Step 2: Right now, the lights are only reacting to specific phrases. How can we make it react to the mood of our response? Let's load the Feelings extension.

  • Step 3: With the Feelings extension we can get the mood or feeling our speech.

  • Step 4: In order for our lights to know when to start analyzing our speech, we need to broadcast that we are done listening. So let's use a broadcast block and have the message be received by another block.

  • Step 5: Now instead of having the light colors change according to exactly what we're saying, we can have them change depending on if we're feeling positive (good), negative (bad), or neutral (somewhere in between).
    Check out all the cool things you could do with smart lights!