The 7th Annual MIT IAP Computational Law Workshop

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7th Annual MIT IAP Computational Law Workshop

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The workshop will include three sessions. Participants are welcome to participate in any one or more of the sessions, depending on their interests.

The first two sessions will focus on relevant use cases that are important and exist in practice. These examples use case studies include: IDFederation demonstrating an integrated business/legal/technical system of a consortium of companies, and Fides, an open-source platform and language for data privacy as code. The third session will provide an introduction to legal components, automated legal systems, and composable governance.

In prep for the computational law workshop session on Fides this Friday, we recommend this blog post describing “privacy as code” in the context of this open-source platform: https://medium.ethyca.com/privacy-as-code-preventing-facebooks-5b-violation-using-fides-open-source-6b1da6508d56


12:00p Welcome and Overview: Dazza Greenwood

12:10p Case Study on ID Federation: Jim Rogers, Danny Blood

1:00p Case Study on Fides: Cillian Kieran

2:00p Composable Governance: Tony Lai, Bryan Wilson, Noah Thorpe, Dazza Greenwood.

3:00p Adjourn

This MIT event was conducted in collaboration with Boston Legal Hackers and Delhi Legal Hackers