Sovereign Legal Identity Challenge

The Sovereign Legal Identity Challenge

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Teams participating in the Legal Hackers 2018 Computational Law and Blockchain Festival are encouraged to tackle the Sovereign Legal Identity Challenge with a high level design concept and rapid prototype project.

Short Overview for Event Organizers and Teams Around the World

This Google Hangout OnAir on Thursday, March 15th at 1:45 PM Eastern provides a brief overview for teams submitting projects for the Sovereign Legal Identity Challenge.

The Challenge

This challenge is presented by at the MIT Media Lab and offers a # Prizes 0.5 ETH prize for the winner of this challenge. The winning team will also have an opportunity to present at the MIT Media Lab.

Conceptual Design

Develop a conceptual design and rapid prototype demonstrating how individuals can use blockchain technology to generate, use and control their own digital identities.

The conceptual design should include an outline or sketch of a realistic approach to deployment and stable operation of the identity system, including a:

Rapid Prototype

The rapid prototype should demonstrate how the identity system enables an individual to execute digital signatures or provide other authorizations necessary for conducting one or more legally valid and enforceable transactions, such as:

Team Participation

Register Your Team Project:

Submit Your Team Project:

Criteria and Judging

Teams are expected to:

Final team projects will be reviewed and rated by a panel of invited judges. Evaluation criteria will be added to this challenge page after an initial meeting of the judges and prior to the start of the CL+B Festival event. The top team projects will be determined based on rank order resulting from an aggregate of the ratings by each judge. The team submitting the top ranked, highest rated project will be invited to present the project in-person at MIT.


Our panel of judges includes:


There will be a 0.5 ETH prize sponsored and provided by RelateID for the winner of this challenge, and the winning team will have an opportunity to present at the MIT Media Lab.

Live Hangouts

As part of the Computational Law and Blockchain Festival, the Washington, DC node and Boston-MIT node will co-host this live discussion of general, high level principes for sovereign legal identity at 3:30 PM Eastern on Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Introduction to the Identity Challenge

A Google Hangout on Tuesday, February 13th at 8:00 PM Eastern / 5:00 PM Pacific was produced to provide a general overview and to go over questions about how to submit a team project for the Sovereign Legal Identity Challenge

Direct Video Link:

Getting Started with uPort Technology

This new YouTube video from the uPort team at ConsenSys was specially customized for participants in the Sovereign Legal Identity Challenge and other CL+B Fest “Hack Track” teams working on identity related projects. This video is provided under the Creative Commons license and covers the react/uPort code boilerplate, how to register a new decentralized application on uPort AppManager and editing some of the essential code.

Additional resources relevant to this challenge will be posted and updated from time to time on the pages of this wiki.

Terms & Conditions

Participation in this challenge is subject the standard terms and conditions at:

Many thanks to our prize sponsor: